Where Soul Meets Medicine.

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Jade IV Med Spa Resort,

Where Anti-Aging Meets Medicine.

Based in Los Angeles, and founded in 2021, Jade IV is a leader in beauty fix med spa treatments. We believe that every time you get a treatment with our IV doctor team members, our purpose is to create a healing environment for you to thrive.


Jade IV knows intimately that when you feel better, the world is better for it. This is why we promise to honor our values while focusing always on the best interests of our patients, because every doctor, specialist, and scientist at Jade IV practices this lifestyle daily.


As an anti-aging clinic, we’re always striving to deliver an elevated, inspired and healing patient experience that focuses on improving the state of lives with each treatment. Jade IV is one of the most well respected medical spa resorts in Los Angeles, and we can come directly to you through our mobile luxury spa experience.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s constantly on the go and needs the nourishment required to keep up with your business, a rock star mom or anyone that just wants to look and feel their best, Jade IV med spa is your home for beauty IV drip treatments. We are the premiere luxury mobile anti-aging clinic in Los Angeles.

Optimizing your life through Medicine.

Jade IV is a one of a kind experience for preventative and proactive wellness care. We focus on creating a harmonious and healing environment for every patient.  


The Jade gemstone represents healing, serenity and nourishment, with an exceptional power to harmonize that which interacts with. As a brand and anti-aging clinic, we are focused on healing and creating a space of nourishment and serenity. 


Your health and wellness is our only priority. At Jade med spa resort, we offer many different treatments in nutrient IV therapies. From beauty IV drips to vitamin C, we are a premiere anti-aging clinic in Los Angeles. 


We are a mobile luxury spa that comes to you. We deliver first-class service with your very own concierge IV doctor and Jade IV’s specifically designed anti-aging IV drip therapies. 


At Jade IV, we consider ourselves the best medical spa, due to our doctors, specialists, and scientists who work to help improve your life with every IV treatment.